Ecovalores focuses on sustainable finance and responsible investment services for investors, financial institutions and companies.

Sustainable Finance is the answer of the financial sector to the immense challenges posed to humanity by climate change, habitat loss, pollution, soli loss etc. The financial system has decided that whether or not the world’s governments finally agree on a binding agreement, the sector has to be a catalyst for change. This is how the international agreement on ESG disclosure harmonization has been progressing.

Ecovalores is facilitating investors to ride this wave of changes by helping them to concentrate in the ESG issues that are more material to their needs. We develop ESG analysis tools and rating for responsible investment funds.  

The market in Mexico and in the region has been growing and we have developed diverse tools for ESG analysis and disclosure. We mainly focus on:

  • ESG ratings for small and medium size unlisted companies

In Mexico the largest investor, pension funds, since 2022 considers the ESG performance in their investment portfolio. CONSAR ( the Mexican pension funds regulator, published new rules regarding investment strategies which included for the first time a general reference to an obligation to analyze companies’ social responsibility credentials, literally the rule says: ”Reveal whether the administrator is certified as a Socially Responsible Company.” This is not as strict a regulation as several Nordic countries has or even the English one; however, this is the beginning of a road towards SRI in the part of the Mexican pension funds, AFORES, that has a potential to stimulate SRI in Mexico and the region.

Large investors struggle to find the right ESG information provider Ecovalores helps them to navigate through the different information providers to find the right one and the information needed, preventing them to have to pay for what they’re not using.

  • ESG information for listed companies screening

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