Financial Institutions

ESG analysis provides added value for growth and investment strategies. This analysis is integrated into new market segments or funding mechanisms. Private equity actors, issuers, institutional investors and managers have understood its value and incorporated it into green bond issuances, due diligence activities, M&A operations or even Public-Private Partnerships.

ESG Integration into financing operations

Vigeo Eiris offers a full range of services dedicated to institutional investors, whether invested in capital (private equity, construction, and property) or debt, and our services cover all ESG integration requirements (strategy, implementation, reporting and communication).

Green Bonds/ Social Bonds

The increase in the issuance of green bonds demonstrates issuers’ and investors’ growing interest in being part of sustainable development initiatives. These operations are highly monitored. Success will be defined by the validity of, and compliance with, stated objectives; rigorous management of the projects during implementation; and capacity to transparently report on them.