Green Bonds

The increase in the issuance of green bonds demonstrates issuers’ and investors’ growing interest in being part of sustainable development initiatives. These operations are highly monitored. Success will be defined by the validity of, and compliance with, stated objectives; rigorous management of the projects during implementation; and capacity to transparently report on them

  • Green Bonds have been created to fund projects that generate positive environmental impacts. And revenues from these bonds are applied to green projects only.
  • According to the Climate Bond Initiative the green bonds market is worth USD $694 bn, 15% higher than 2015, and the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that an investment of $53tn is required by 2035 in the clean energy sector. Following this tend, the Mexican Government’s Energy Reforms establishes a goal to generate 35% of clean energy by 2024, which requires a gross investment of USD $75bn. Green bonds constitute an important market to finance these investment needed.

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