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Ecovalores promotes in Mexico and the region socially responsible investment (SRI); SRI takes into account additional to financial expectations, the environmental, social and corporate governance issues of the companies they decide to invest in. Socially responsible investors are individuals and institutions that seek to create change though their investment decisions and influence the environmental, social and ethical performance of the companies they invest in. SRI developed in the US and Europe and has recently been adopted in emerging markets such as Brazil and Mexico.


CSR assesment and support to integrate ESG factors into coporate finance and stretegic operations for all types of organizations


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Ecovalores is the leader organisation in promoting socially responsible investment and to contributing to a more just and equitable economy. Ecovalores focuses in the analysis of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance issues in companies; the social, environmental and governance rating of green bonds, and responsible investments; the development and practice of environmental economics issues and impact investment projects analysis and rating.

Ecovalores is Vigeo-EIRIS  Mexican partner, an European firm of research, rating and analysis of social, environmental and governance integration  in the strategies and operations of companies and in investment strategies of responsible investors for the creation of sustainable value.

ESG rating, the level of assurance relative to risk mitigation, and sustainable value creation are increasingly significant considerations in analyses that lead to investment decisions. Companies capture these elements for multiple purposes: to find out their positions compared to their competitors, to call for tenders, relationships with investors, or promotion in internal and external communications. Vigeo Eiris offers tailored services to meet your needs.

Responsible Investment(RI): an answer for every need.

Climate change risk, financing energy transition,  ESG investment policy and strategy.

Integrating  CSR to your business strategy creating sustainable value.Those companies who have succeeded in integrating sustainability and CSR into their core have over performed their peers. Green Bonds

GB are investment instruments dedicated to financing sustainable projects. They are similar to traditional bonds but where all proceeds are invested in sustainable projects.In Vigeo-Eiris we specialise in rating these emissions.

Measuring Impact 

Impact investment requires clear metrics that allow the investor to have confidence in the positive social and environmental  impact of its investments.


The objective of the LatinSIF is to foster a Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) market in Latin America by articulating the initiatives that have risen in different  countries, via five work streams: capacity building, communications, knowledge generation,  market and institutional development.

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